It’s hard to improvise when there’s a naked girl at the bottom of the page.
Image: DKJ Photography

Stage / If you thought last year’s closing of Laughtrack Theater in Chinatown (or Pipeline Café before it) was any indication of Honolulu’s current local comedy scene, fear not! Well, first of all because Laughtrack only moved down the street into the Mendonca Building, but also because there has been a noticeable uptrend in comedic events over the past year (Hell knows we have plenty to satirize). Station Bar & Lounge, Indigo in Chinatown and Boardriders in Kailua all feature regular comedy open mics. Mr. Aaron Presents puts on Th!nk Fast, an ongoing improvisational game show analogous to the late ‘90s British and U.S. television show, “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” at the showroom of Hawaiian Brian’s.

Pughes, who also acts as the event’s emcee, explains that Th!nk Fast is “not like comedy sports,” where teams duke it out. “It’s one team performing the whole night.” The cast, ranging from Th!nk Fast’s founding members Larissa Nielsen, Rory Franzen and David K. Jones, to new inductees fresh out of Pughes’s Adult Short Form Improv program–take cues from the audience as they act out each game. “A majority of the games that we play were created by the team,” Pughes says. “Sometimes we get distracted and it becomes total chaos and fun.” These make for a successful birthday or bachelorette party, but be warned: In the hour and a half of comedy, some of the games can get “highly audience participatory . . . We try to keep it PG-13,” Pughes says, but admits, “There are those shows that go a little bit blue.” It’s improv–a basic rule is that nothing’s off limits.

Hawaiian Brian’s Showroom, 1680 Kapiolani Blvd., Tue., 1/8, 7:30pm, $5, [], [], 21+