Lola will read between the covers.
Image: Firebird Photography

Stage / Let me lay it all out for you right away, so you know what you’re in for: Naked Girls Reading is exactly what you think: books being read aloud by libidinous women clad in a uniform that is nothing more than a “birthday suit with heels, hair and makeup.” Lola Love, one of three performers and the producer of Honolulu’s first affiliation with the nationwide program–a series based on the valid point that you can’t spell “literature without T&A”–says there’s more to this idea than skin. “That is only interesting for a few minutes. I don’t know how long somebody can be interested in a naked girl reading stuff; we have to entertain you.”

However true or not, the girls, MissFortune, ChiChi Roniz and Ms. Love, with Miss Catwings as the clothed emcee, will read brief selections from such banned authors as Vladimir Nabokov, Maya Angelou, Richard Wright and even Dr. Seuss, along with some surprises. Graphic designer Michelle Poplar will also live-sketch the event throughout. The theme is (what else?) banned books, and it’s BYOB but age-enforced. No one under 18 allowed. Ultimately though, it’s not about debauched lit or liquor. “We want to create an event that is fun,” Love says, “[that] hopefully gets people excited about books that we love, and just promotes reading actual books. There’s a lot of Kindles and iPads out there; we just really want to celebrate how amazing it is to actually sit down and turn the pages.”

We’re telling you about it in advance, for tickets are only available online. Sometimes, a woman is harder to read than others. It’s best to let them do the reading for you.

The ARTS at Marks Garage, 1159 Nuuanu Ave., Fri., 1/11, 8pm, $15–$20, [], [], 18+