A Woolley in Waialua
Image: Courtesy Ehukai Woolley

Galleries / Surf and art have never been mutually exclusive, and Woolley brothers Ehukai, Nat and Shaun prove this every day. At their little shop, built into the old Sugar Bar building in Waialua, the guys have set up a factory that churns out basically whatever they feel inspired to create. Mostly though, they shape and paint original surfboards and other types of canvases, design and print their own line of surf wear and shirts and create custom auto and sign detailing.

But, as Ehukai says, the art comes first. “We’re really kind of pushing the envelope on the art side of what we do. Everything that we do revolves around original art pieces . . . from our custom-made and -shaped surf boards, to the custom detail and shirts–it’s all integrated through artwork.”

On First Friday, they’ll debut new stuff in what’s looking to be an annual show at The Human Imagination (They premiered their surf boards last year at the store in Chinatown). Artwork by Nat Woolley (he’s the principal artist) will be on display around the shop, as well as examples of what each of the brothers can do and are working on.

“The canvases that will be up will be of Nat’s art, and there will also be a few surfboards as well–everything that we wanted to show is exclusively made in low quantity for this show,” Ehukai says. “We’ve really been keeping our ideas under wraps for this show. We [hand-dyed] the shirts ourselves, tying it in with the art pieces and the color and resin of the surfboards and the color and detail in the windows.”

The Human Imagination, 1154 Nuuanu Ave., Fri., 12/7, 6pm, [], []