Julia Wieting is slammin’.
Image: Courtesy Mixing Innovative Arts

Literary / Ever brought a poem to a cage fight? You might have your chance at Mixing Innovative Arts’ next art and literary series experiment The Poetry Improv–local literati’s first interactive performance slam with M.I.A. You obviously loved their other events, judging by the fact that M.I.A. was voted “Best Literary Event” in yours truly, Honolulu Weekly, by yours very truly, you.

Starting at 7:30 p.m., M.I.A. will invite all the Plaths, O’Haras and Lorcas (i.e., anyone who wishes to identify and participate as a poet) from the audience to put their rhymes (or non-rhymes, it’s poetry!) together in 30 minutes of spontaneous writing without limit to the number of pieces you can write.

At 8 p.m., submit the poems you’ve created in that fleeting light-through-yonder-window-breaks moment and have them performed by another poet. Actors in the audience will be invited to randomly choose a poem and perform in the M.I.A. ring.

Not a poet and know it? You can still participate as a judge and lend your ears; judges will be chosen randomly through a raffle with winners walking away with free books from local publishers. Shoot them an email if you’re interested in judging. Now doesn’t that sound epic?

Fresh Café, 831 Queen St., Mon., 12/17, 7pm, free, [email: miaseries], []