Captain, your fly’s down.
Image: Malia Leinau

Stage / Manoa Valley Theatre flies audiences back to the mile-high era, when air travel and highballs were mixed at the highest altitudes of glamour, with the opening of a terrifically funny 1960s French farce, Boeing, Boeing, by Marc Camoletti.

“The script was originally translated from French into British English and now we are performing it as Americans, so there are some fun translations that we are working with,” says Dusty Behner, who doubles as Boeing’s costume designer and Janet, the American in the play. “They add to the silliness of the show.”

The story follows a three-timing architect named Bernard and his carefully planned juggling of airline hostess fiancées: one German, one French and one American. Bernard tracks the flights of his ladies with care, hoping that only one woman shows up in his apartment at a time. It all starts to unravel when the jets get faster and the timetables change. Jim Davenport designed the set to make Bernard’s apartment look something like the inside of a plane.

“It’s a great-looking play,” says director Elitei Tatafu, Jr. “The girls are beautiful; the set is amazing.” Tatafu likens the farce to a musical, with its careful timing and choreographed movement. “[It’s] a great ride for anyone who comes to see it.”

Manoa Valley Theatre, 2833 E. Manoa Rd., opens Thu., 1/10 at 7:30pm, and runs through 1/27,$20–$35, [], 988-6131