Keigwin + Company leap to Hawai‘i.
Image: Matthew Murphy

Stage / Dance performances can leave an audience asking itself, “Was that a story, or was that guy just showing off the whole time?” With Keigwin + Company, it’s a mixture of both. The dance group, founded in 2003 in New York by Artistic Director Larry Keigwin, balances physical strength and prowess with cohesive storylines that take admirable skill to execute.

“They dance to a lot of pop music and contemporary music,” says Leeward Community College (LCC) Theatre Manager Joe Patti. “[They do] a whole variety of stuff [that’s] pretty accessible to audiences, in part because of that music.” For their performance at LCC, the eight dancers will present four pieces from their repertoire, featuring music by Roy Orbison, Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone and Eartha Kitt. “One is called ‘Caffeinated.’ One of the things they’ve asked us to get in terms of props is Starbucks cups,” Patti laughs, acknowledging the “quirky flair” that makes them so popular.

The company members, who collaboratively work with Keigwin to choreograph each number, expertly bring their diverse idiosyncrasies to a high level of performance without needing to “dumb it down” for people to understand what’s going on. Patti says that while many minuscule and technical movements go into much of their work, it all flows cleanly and impressively to those who appreciate the art of dance, as well as those there for the entertainment factor. For a taste of Keigwin + Company’s theatrical style, check out [] (which includes a “Hawaii Here We Come” page).

Leeward Community College Theatre, 96-045 Ala ‘Ike, Pearl City, Sat., 1/19, 8pm, $10–$30, [], 455-0385