Caleb Shinobi, on an island all his own
Image: Ryan Richardson

Fashion / When Caleb Shinobi says, “I consider fashion a form of standing out and being unique,” the creative director wins the award for understatement of the year.

An Abstract Noir Fashion Show by Caleb Shinobi turns the volume up on his talents with an avant-garde catwalk presentation that seeks to tilt the perspective on the local fashion scene with personal creations Shinobi calls “conceptualized prototypes of wearable art.”

It’s a descriptor immediately titillating to anyone already accustomed to his au courant style. For those unfamiliar with Shinobi’s circus ability to navigate Honolulu sidewalks in armadillo McQueen heels or his work in the Nicki Minaj video for “Starships,” his image is a graphic matrix that oozes pop culture–a fleshy page ripped from Madonna’s Sex, a walking Nine Inch Nails song, a Tim Burton creature in 4-D.

It’s a look that’s also turning the heads of reality TV execs. Currently, the crew behind Gene Simmons Family Jewels is working on a pilot focused squarely on Shinobi and Hawaii’s fashion scene.

The fashion show is set specifically in Kakaako because of “its unruly nature and underdeveloped beauty,” says Shinobi. “I love the urban appeal alongside nature and pristine paradise,” a philosophy appropriately mirrored by his own leather-studded-kiss-in-the-sand aesthetic. The runway–interwoven with a parking lot and two warehouses–is being built by the University of Hawaii School of Architecture, and is also overseen by Shinobi’s creative partner Cyrina D. Hadad, a veteran of New York Fashion Week.

In addition to couture, expect a red carpet, three live DJs, dance music, mixology, a cigar bar, celebrity appearances (our lips are sealed) and more at this edgy event. If there was ever a more perfect chance to pull out your most audacious ensemble and get dressed to Rihanna’s “Phresh Off the Runway,” this is it.

Coxist Studio, 331 Keawe St., Fri., 1/11, 8pm, $15–$35, tickets at []