Move over, Mars. Zygon attacks!!!
Image: Courtesy Intergalactic Nemesis

Stage / Nerds alert! Uniting fans of both comics and theater, The Intergalactic Nemesis Live-Action Graphic Novel Book One: Target Earth is a stage show that mixes the Orson Welles radio drama The War of the Worlds with an Indiana Jones sense of energy . . . but in person!

Intergalactic Nemesis follows Pulitzer-winning journo Molly Sloan, her trusty assistant Timmy Mendez and enigmatic librarian (aren’t they all?) Ben Wilcott as they protect Earth from an invasion of Zygonian sludge monsters.

The ‘30s-inspired pulp fiction may be a familiar narrative, but it’s the execution of these tropes–with a mix of live actors, music, SFX and 1,200 vibrant hand-drawn graphic novel images that blast from a screen–that is otherworldly. Just three actors, one Foley artist and a lone keyboardist manage to bring this entire world to colorful life.

Every element packs a surprise that’ll keep audiences “turning” the page, from the actors’ countless voices to creating a charging train by shaking a box of Kraft macaroni. “We’ve actually tried all kinds of other sounds, but Kraft has somehow engineered their mac and cheese to sound exactly like a real train,” says writer-director Jason Neulander. “Another favorite is the sound of a stone wall revealing a secret passageway. We do it by pulling a cinderblock across another cinderblock. Super simple, but it sounds so cool!”

Kennedy Theatre at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, 1770 East-West Rd., Sat., 1/12, 7:30pm, $5–$20, all ages, [], 944-2697