Hawaii isn’t alone

Every day, communities around the world are find[ing] that climate change is a difficult and sometimes dangerous reality (“Climate Change in Hawaii: It’s Here,” Jan. 2).

Mercury’s still toxic

I thought the fish article (“Risky Fish,” Dec. 26) was well done and very timely.

Refreshing Pol

Nice to see a politician (“Green Senator,” Jan. 2) that wants to do things in a way that is really sustainable as opposed to the standard exploited approach.

Unfair treatment

HW and poet McCullough owe it to the reader to stop perpetuating the myth that leprosy patients were thrown “from the schooner” and “using hands without fingers . .

Not so modern after all

I would like to express my disgust with “The Modern World” by Tom Tomorrow. This is trash.

Take it back

One man at a Public Land Development Corporation meeting said it best; “The PLDC is like selling a kidney to pay your hospital bill.” Here is my idea to raise money. State Auditor, Marion Higa, has just retired.

Spitting fire

Yes. Let’s have a conversation (“Good To Know,” Dec.

Stop ruining it

The day will come when FLYING to Hawaii is a thing of the past. What will become of the hotels and the timeshares (“Country’s Time,” Dec.

Turtle Bay’s value

I have been polling visitors and so far every single one of them tells me they love North Shore for its small town community atmosphere (“Turtle Bay: Comment Now!,” Jan. 2).

The Diva’s response

How do you do a legitimate book review (“Oh, the Vanity!,” Dec. 26) when you only thumb through it?

Editors’ responses

The piece is actually an essay on self-publishing, not a stand-alone review of Ms. Sofos’s book–something I tried to be up front about in the article.

All for the money

When solutions to global warming cut into profits of Big Business (“Climate Change in Hawaii: It’s Here,” Jan. 2)–it’ll never happen.

More praise for watermen

Thank you Donna Ching for the very informative article (“High Surf, Higher Stakes,” Dec. 12).


Welcome aboard

Letters / Governor Abercrombie alienated many of the leaders of the Democratic Party with his decision to appoint Brian Schatz to Hawaii’s vacant Senate seat formerly held by the late Dan Inouye. But he did so in favor of the long term interests of our state.


North Shore going south

Letters / I am a tourist who travels often to Oahu with my family and friends, and we like to stay out of the “big cities.” If they try to make the North Shore into another Waikiki (“Country’s Time,” Dec. 19), we [would] no longer spend our travel dollars on Oahu.

Vegan joys

Mahalo to Jamie Noguchi for highlighting some of Honolulu’s great vegan restaurants (“Beyond Just Salads,” Dec. 19)!

Buying local

I’m all in for anything that decreases our dependence on outside influences (“Local Pining,” Dec. 5).

Vote fallout

Thank you Tom [City Councilmember Berg] for [exposing] some of the worst, most blatant deceptions of all time (“The Election: What Happened?” Nov. 28).

Lifesavers’ Weekly

Thank you to Honolulu Weekly and Donna L. Ching (“High Surf, Higher Stakes,” Dec.

Drop Your Weapons

I am an American citizen (who, incidentally was born and raised in Kailua) now living in Germany as an English teacher and writer. [The] shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, has left the nation reeling in sadness and despair.

Surf’s Up

If it swells, ride it! (“Tsunami Tag,” Dec.

Back Talk

The consultant that did the Near Shore Study (“Saving What Matters,” Dec. 19) was asked why he only inventoried the turtles at Kawela Bay when they are present all along the coastline.

Crowd Sourcing

Not mentioned (“Country’s Time,” Dec. 19) are the estimated (from internet search) 450 private home hotels that are not permitted but have been allowed, by DPP inaction, and with no public notice or hearings, to build out, operate, and gradually expand to a full fleet of private hotel/vacation rental accommodations throughout the North Shore.

Good To Know

Thanks, Michael Tada, for your letter regarding the Neidless Marcups parody (“Occupy This,” Dec. 19), finally articulating De-Occupy Honolulu’s current stance.

Tough times on the water

HGEA has not represented Ocean Safety fairly (“High Surf, Higher Stakes,” Dec. 12).

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