The question of rail [July 6: “Rail Done Right?”] concerns South Oahu. (Would that be around Makapuu point toward Waimanalo?) Right now, rail is designed to alleviate traffic on the west side of Oahu–it just doesn’t go far enough to be of benefit to the 40,000-plus residents of the Waianae district.

Tom’s [Councilman Tom Berg] concerns are valid. A light rail line from the airport to Waikiki could be a great help. And why not re-establish the Oahu Railway line from Ewa Beach to Nanakuli and beyond?

The track is still being used as far as Kahe Point, and much of the right-of-way is still intact. Could this become part of the emergency access road? It would allow people to get home, even if they couldn’t bring their cars.

“Amy King”
Via [HonoluluWeekly.com]