[June 22: “Call for Hawaiian Trustee”] My name is Rita Kawehi Kanui, and I would like to bring a white flag into this discussion that for many has gone off the path of brotherly love. It seems that “sickpuppy691” (whomever that is) has a personal vendetta against Eric, and I would like to bring some focus to this discussion. First of all, thanks to Eric for his letter. Although offensive for some, we found it glaringly truthful and something to ponder.

There are meanings and power within a name. Eric’s full name is Eric Kauhiaimokuakama Kaleiopuupoohinaikaluaopele, and as for myself, being the great-granddaughter of Luahine Kahailiopua Hao (descendant of Hewahewanui and Holoae), we have the ability to see inside of a name and the kind of person he/she is. In Eric’s case, he has to follow the kapu that binds him.

“Sickpuppy691” criticizes Eric for the same thing he is doing, and we see no difference whether you went to Kamehameha or not. To say that this is America is to deny yourself the truth and all of your family from being pono. How can you be Hawaiian (nationality) and tout that you are proud to be very American, yet hide behind names, titles and the Kamehameha Alumni “status” that has divided many Hawaiians who don’t feel as you do…

Did you know that the Hawaiian Kingdom Government was a constitutional monarchy? And it was our kings and queens (nowhere else in the world or with other monarchies) who gave their people lands from their coffers to build them a home, schools, hospital, retirement home and farmlands. Even the Great Mahele, a constitution and treaties with more than 20 other countries, including America, was on the road to success when we were hijacked by the US military. It was all these things that the foreigners have seen and [desired] to this day, to acquire for themselves. They call it American corporations; we call it genocide. So our struggles as a people don’t end at Kamehameha schools, they’re only the beginning…

Before we go pointing fingers, we must have the facts and weigh them to the best of our ability to come out with a fair assessment of what really happened…The history and the truth is all there.

“Kawehi Kanui”
Via [HonoluluWeekly.com]