[“Best of Honolulu,” Aug. 22] Worst Campaign. Winner: Ben Cayetano; Runner-up: Mufi Hannemann

Why? Ben Cayetano, who came late into the mayoral race, had the most votes.

We understand Mufi Hannemann–Perennial campaigner Mufi lost big by 20% to Tulsi Gabbard.

Worst City Council Member. Winner: Tom Berg; Runner-up: Nester Garcia

Why, Berg? Berg questions and regularly holds public hearings for his constituents. Is this a good thing? Would you prefer bench warmers or an agitator like Berg?

Nestor Garcia—-we agree. He’s a sell-out.

Best political blog. Winner: Civilbeat; Runner-up: Ian Lind

Are we in trouble? Civil Beat is a group of people and Lind is a one-man show.

“Occupy HonoluluHale”

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