I took the first roundtrip today on the new bus route 14 from the top of Peter St. and Ruth Pl. to Maunalani Heights and back, starting at 0610 hours and returning at 0730 hours.

After turning right on Waialae Ave. from St. Louis Dr., the bus proceeded to Kaimuki Ave. between Market City and Kaimuku High School. But Bus 14 drove past Kapahulu Ave., and left on 6th Ave. to Waialae Ave. Along this portion of the route, there were no bus stops available.

Turning right onto Waialae Ave., the bus drove to Kahala Mall. Anyone getting off at Kahala Mall would be stuck…because Bus 14 does not return to Kahala Mall after completing its run to and from Maunalani Heights. Instead, Bus 14 at Sierra Dr. turns right on Waialae Ave. and then left into a very narrow 7th Ave. and proceeds back to Kaimuki Ave., where there are no bus stops available.

When the bus turns left onto Kapahulu Ave, it goes makai past Kapahulu Safeway and circles around Campbell Ave./Herbert St. to return, arriving mauka on Kapahulu Ave., going past Safeway again within 5 minutes. Any passenger from Maunalani Heights who got off at Safeway has no way to return to Maunalani Heights because Bus 14 then goes towards St. Louis Heights.

The caveats about the new Bus Route 14 are that passengers need a copy of the schedule in hand, because the bus arrivals come at irregular times; if they miss the bus, it will not come back for another 95 minutes; passengers will not be able to get on board or get on the bus on 6th, 7th and part of Kaimuki Aves.; passengers who ride from St. Louis Heights to Kahala Mall have no return trip; and passengers who ride from Maunalani Heights to Kapahulu Safeway have no way home.

Rt. Rev. Wayne W. Gau

President of St. Louis Heights Community Association