Tom [Coffman] and others have appointed Ben Cayetano as “the man of the hour” for leading Honolulu into the 2nd decade of the 21st Century….claiming Ben had the courage to oppose development, to oppose rail and to support “open space.” The latter is a shibboleth which is meaningless under scrutiny, but rings well–like “Keeping the Country country…”

Recently Robert Harris wrote about needing to concentrate development in the “urban core,” though he does not live in the urban core and apparently has not noticed that for the past 10 years the “urban core” developments are luxury condos, purchased by people who do not live in Hawai’i regularly, and who are undeniably a part of the 1%.

Rail transit will remove vehicles from the road, save millions, if not billions, on fuel burnt, reduce CO2 emissions and allow for something like “local sourcing” to become meaningful while providing living spaces for 300,000 residents who will be on O’ahu in addition to the 900,000 presently by the year 2050. Developments and rail stations like UH West O’ahu and Ho’opili would be a “chance of a lifetime” for transit-oriented development.

Prof Willis H A Moore

Chinatown, HI