I [live] in Hilo, but for me (and many others all over the state), the decision that Oahu voters make in the mayoral race in November is HUGE.

Mufi and Ed both pissed off voters in their own ways years ago and never apologized…well, voters are like the oft-diverted stream that sooner or later finds it true bearings and leaves disaster in [its] wake…piss them off and pay the price. Mufi is still paying for ramming the rail project through in spite of mediocre support from the public…Carlisle, unfortunately, seems to be guided by extreme pressure from those with the money, and perhaps a bit of his own misguided political ambition that makes him think that the majority of the people really want a $5B, 20-mile rail project that will suck the life out of their personal budgets for years to come…not to mention that of their kids, grandkids, and generations. In 2001, Governor Ben was the enemy…Eleven years later, Ben, in my mind, has found his true bearings, has found a cause worth fighting for. I hope that he is victorious at the polls, and that rail becomes a distant memory that could have become a nightmare for us all.

Joel Peralto

Hilo, HI