A broad body of law protecting public parkland for access and ocean recreation is on the community’s side [“Park Sell-Offs,” Aug. 8] in this timely effort to protect the public’s access to the shoreline. A prompt resolution of this matter in the community’s favor will protect other beach parks threatened by the city’s move toward closing and selling actively used city parks across the island. Haleiwa Beach Park Mauka became a part of Haleiwa Beach Park when it was specifically condemned/acquired by the city as a “Haleiwa Beach Park Addition” and has been used for decades in this manner. It is troubling that citizens and community volunteers must sue the city in order to ensure the city maintains a basic level of services, such as providing legally-protected recreational areas along the shoreline for both the tax-paying public and visitors alike.

“North Shore Family”

via [HonoluluWeekly.com]