At last night’s monthly meeting of the St. Louis Heights Community Assn., city DTS director Wayne Yoshioka attempted to engage the Association in considering another alternative change to Bus Route 14 [“Honolulu’s Big Bus Shibai,” Aug. 8]. The latest proposal would still eliminate significant segments of Route 14, necessitating longer waits and more transfers. Mr. Yoshioka believes that he is responding to concerns by this community regarding the impending cuts in bus service on Route 14.

Our residents do not want any changes to the present Bus Route 14. It is also evident that these bus route changes and eliminations are related to the proposed railway from Kapolei and Iwilei. That railway will not deliver from Kapolei to Iwilei. That railway will not deliver St. Louis Heights residents to destinations in east Honolulu. Someone is going to have to walk so that someone else can ride.

Mr. Yoshioka has agreed to come to the SLHCA meeting on Monday, September 10th, 7pm, at Hokulani Elementary School. You are also welcome to attend.

Rt. Rev. Wayne W. Gou

President of St. Louis Heights Community Association