Having supported Ben Cayetano in his first gubernatorial campaign, I was all too quickly disillusioned. Then came the bitter public education strikes at the end of his second term in office. As a strike captain for UHPA, I feel that the strikes were mainly caused by Cayetano’s contempt towards educators and his bullheadedness.

But in this mayoral election, the future of Oahu is at stake. The massively funded development and growth-at-any-price machine is rolling. It seeks to pave over Oahu from sea to shining sea. Rail, Hoopili, Koa Ridge, the New York-style towers slated for the waterfront are all on the agenda. The goal of food self-sufficiency will be sacrificed to profits.

In 2012, we should have an environmental/social justice/native Hawaiian movement to stop the growth machine and present alternatives. But we don’t. And in one of history’s many ironies,Ben Cayetano now seems to be our best hope to protect our ‘aina. So I will be voting for him (but don’t think I won’t be holding my nose).

Noel Jacob Kent

Honolulu, HI