Mahalo for shedding light regarding this fascinating building [“The Boys of Waialee,” Aug. 1]. We were residents of Kahuku during 1957-2012. Our parents would visit the residents of Crawford’s Home while we waited in our parked car underneath the shade of the old banyan in front of the School for Boys. As children, we always felt a presence watching us as we swung on the banyan roots. My uncle Larry always made jokes that we were never alone there. During that time, the building was fully erected and doors were closed.

During the summer of 2009, my daughter Kristina, along with a few classmates, decided to take pictures of the building and walked around to the right hand side. She mentioned that they heard strange noises coming from the bushes around the building and below the cement foundation. They verified that it was not a wild pig. They fled and came home shaken. I remember seeing photos taken from this excursion and several “orbs” were present. They also took photos of the building across the street and one of the girls fell and cut herself. I would appreciate it if you could elaborate more by interviewing any nearby residents (who may be in their 70’s & 80’s) to get a better understanding. It seems that whatever went on in these facilities, these occurrences were hidden from the public. Please continue a second part to this story as this particular area was well known during its time.

Eleanor Crisostomo

Waianae, HI