I am writing to correct information that was not included in Honolulu Weekly. “Hawaii State Legislature Election” [August 12] by Matthew Kain states that “Fukunaga was among the introducers of SB755.” “Hawaii State Legislature” [Aug. 15] by Joan Conrow states: “Sen. Brian Taniguchi triumphed in the District 11 race over Sen. Carol Fukunaga, who co-sponsored SB755.” The article also mis-characterized Senator Chun Oakland’s support for the bill, since she had co-sponsored it when its subject matter was a sales tax holiday to stimulate back-to-school retail purchases.

I originally introduced SB755 on behalf of our EDT Committee small business workgroup in January 2011. The purpose of the original bill was to create a “tax holiday” for the purchases of school supplies of less than $15 per item; computer software, and computer supplies of less than $1,500 per purchase; clothing of less than $100 per item, to stimulate retail sales for back-to-school items. In 2011, the House replaced the contents of the original bill with amendments for peer-to-peer gaming; and in 2012, the House further amended the bill to expedite permitting and other land use approvals. The Senate has never acted upon the amended version of SB755 that the House passed during 2012. I would appreciate your correcting the Weekly’s coverage of my relationship with the House’s amendments to SB755, SD2.

Senator Carol Fukunaga Chair of Senate Economic Development and Technology Committee