$1 billion = $1,000 million.

TheBus cost =$181 million/yr.

The rail cost =$5.26 billion. 5.26 billion = 181 million x 29.

Bus service [“Honolulu’s Big Bus Shibai,” Aug. 8] could be doubled for 29 years–no fare increase. If this increases ridership, then fares could be reduced.

Consider that now there are 518 buses, 895 drivers, 1,457 total employees; providing 236,000 “daily passenger trips.” Place that whole extra set on the Leeward side.

Loans are unnecessary with a smaller initial investment. In contrast to using loans, if you can collect $4 billion and invest for a 4.6 percent return, it would fund TheBus forever.

These ideas are to put the $5.26 billion in perspective. Experts could decide what level of bus service will create a critical mass in ridership to sustain the program and give it further justification.More people will ride TheBus if the seats are spaced 6 inches apart, and are not upholstered with an absorbent material–ew.

Shan Parmley Honolulu, HI