In the lead up to the last primary election, I was burdened with a constant influx of political mailings not only for myself but all registered voters in the household.

After contacting the office to request removal, I received an “Affidavit for Application for Confidential Voter Registration” to sign and return. This affidavit requires justifying confidential treatment of my address, and is only confidential for two election cycles. A new affidavit would need to be requested and returned when registration expires, and voting would only be by mail absentee ballot, which requires another application.

I’m outraged that my information is given out without an easier option for confidentiality. It seems a punishment to persons registering to vote because they will either be inundated with junk mail or burdened with a number of tasks to avoid them. Hawaii’s voter registration system needs updating.

Tonya Ketza Aiea, Hawaii