My City Council district has been reapportioned from District 6 to District 5. Out of curiosity, I called the City Clerk’s election office and was told that because I was in District 6 at the time Tulsi Gabbard was elected, I will be able to vote for a candidate for the special District 6 City Council seat. And because I am currently in district 5, I will also be able to vote for a City Council District 5 candidate.

I asked if there was anything in writing that would explain this anomaly and was told that there was nothing in writing. I was also told by the City that this information was only available by calling the City Clerk’s office or when you go to vote!

Please publish this important information: To see the list of the 16 special election candidates, go to State of Hawaii, Office of Elections and click on 2012 Special Election–Honolulu City Council District VI and/or call the City Clerk’s Election’s Division at 768-3800. This is an opportunity for the former District 6 voters to “vote early and often!”

Joyel Horita Honolulu, HI