Don Wallace says it is time for Hawai’i voters to demand the truth [“Media Watch,” Sept. 19], but doesn’t tell voters how to identify truth from the kukae flung at them during election season.

[T]he reason there are parking lots and vacant land between Halekauwila and Pohukaina is because thousands of Hawaiians were buried there during the epidemic. However, iwi kupuna (“bones of the elders”) have never stopped politicians from scheming how to use that land to funnel our taxes to campaign supporters.

We are all familiar with the Superferry and Rail scams where politicians awarded contracts to their supporters… and taxpayers would foot the bill. But how many taxpayers are truly aware these lucrative government contract schemes are just scams intended to funnel our taxes to campaign supporters?

Now Gov. Abercrombie wants to build an “affordable housing” skyscraper over iwi kupuna in Kaka’ako (even though no one earning minimum wage will qualify) and has petitioned bids without first declaring the site to be free of iwi kupuna.

Like Lingle, Hannemann, Caldwell and Carlisle, Abercrombie will not be financially responsible when his scam is discovered, discontinued, or delayed.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser [reported on Sept. 17], “The proportion of Americans finding the news media “believable” dropped from 71 percent to 56 percent.”

56 percent is certainly higher than I would grade the Star-Advertiser, which still insists Hannemann, who spent our taxes promoting Hannemann rather than on maintenance and repair, was a great mayor who would have made a really great senator…if only voters read the Star-Advertiser instead of Honolulu Weekly!

As for those remarks regarding [Midweek columnist] Jerry Coffee, Coffee is one of our many veteran wingnuts who imagine they are an upright bolt.

Rico Leffanta Honolulu, HI 96813