The main lesson to learn from the rail project [“Rail Broke Burial Rules,” August 29] is the same lesson the people keep trying to teach politicians over and over (i.e. Superferry, geothermal, telescopes, roads, harbors, suburbs, etc.). People want improved infrastructure, but they also want their elected officials to listen to them, pay attention to the science and to follow the rules. And the rules say elected officials have to listen to the people and the science.

It’s time to replace the politicians who can’t follow the rules, don’t respect democracy or pay attention to science. That is why I am running against Calvin Say, one of the chief architects of behind the scene deals like rail and the PLDC.

It’s time to kick out the anti-democratic and anti-science politicians who keep trying to rewrite the rules.

Keiko Bonk via [HonoluluWeekly.com]