The premise is simple…conservation is better than draconian solutions. I wish I could take credit for this idea, but I can’t. This concept has been in place for over a year in Beijing. It’s very simple, and it doesn’t cost anything to implement.

Monday through Friday, based upon the last digit or letter on your license plate, your car cannot be on the road. If spotted, you receive a healthy fine. This solution would remove approximately 20 percent of all cars from our roads on a daily basis during the work week. With foreknowledge of which day of the week you couldn’t use your car, people would develop plans on how to deal with their carless days.

This solution would encourage and increase carpooling and bus usage. [It] would respect and save the integrity of our environment, save billions of dollars and eliminate unhealthy land speculation. No billions need to be invested in a project that has to many unanswered questions. [There would be] no unfounded guesstimated statistical projections on the number of cars that would be removed from our roads and no political agendas. This solution just needs the political courage to put it in front of the public. Or, we can let the politicians make the decisions for us, pave over our beloved ʻaina and call it little LA!

Chuck Cohen Kalama, HI