Think back to when you bought your first car, boat or motorcycle. What does the salesman say? Always remember to service your vehicle to keep it in good working condition, right? Common sense! Same goes for trains, in order to keep it in good working condition it will need to be serviced, but where? It’s not like we have service stations readily available.

If we are going to have a train, we are going to need a maintanence yard, but where in Honolulu (along the alignment) can we find 40+ acres of vacant land? As for Ms. Kalekini [“Rail Broke Burial Rules,” Aug. 29], she is against all development, not only the rail project. She was there when Whole Foods tried to come to Honolulu, she was there when Walmart/Sam’s Club was being built. Wake up people . . . Hawaii is an island, there are iwi everywhere.

“finallybfree” via [HonoluluWeekly.com]