Today, my wife arrived at the McCully bus stop at 7:50am to catch the 7:54am A Bus. Many students were already waiting there for a long time. Finally, at 8:05am, the Bus arrives, but as has happened many times during the last two weeks, the Bus is “NOT IN SERVICE”. The next A Bus, that is scheduled for 8:15AM, now has a Real Time Schedule of 8:28AM. The next choice is the #4 Bus. Now, the #4 Bus from Waikiki to the University is a total joke, because the drivers take breaks at the Moiliili Fire station from anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes. My wife was rushing to class and her only choice was to walk to the university.

The non-peak hour buses have become a total farce. Normally, these buses are full of elderly citizens or physically impaired, going to the doctor or going shopping. Now, on every bus I see these people being forced to stand, from Waikiki to downtown.

I used to have three buses stopping near my home, the B, the 2 and the 13. Now, I have only the #2. The people living near King St. and going to Waikiki have the same circumstance. According to the study, for which our city government paid a mainland consulting firm, these three buses were like three of the top five workhorses of the whole Honolulu Bus network. They experienced the highest passenger counts and made it possible for your bus system to run less profitable, less used routes. You don’t kill something that is both a workhorse and a golden goose. Now, these three are totally screwed up.

I met Glenn Moir at several bus/rail and city council meetings. I trusted you, Glenn, and I trusted Wayne Yoshioka. Now, during the last three months since June 2nd, I have come to the conclusion that you, Wayne and the Mayor really do not care. Further, I believe you have no respect for the citizens of Honolulu, particularly those citizens with limited income; citizens who are physically impaired and elderly. I really cannot come to any conclusion, other than believing all three of you are determined to deliberately totally sabotage and dismember the Honolulu Bus System.

Dennis Keating Honolulu, HI