A major new ‘Ewa cultural survey done as part of the required rail project identification of Traditional Cultural Places–TCPs–documents the sacred Kanehili Leina a ka Uhane. It is as important as the City of Refuge.

The area extends along Coral Creek Golf Course-Kaloi Gulch and much of former MCAS ‘Ewa–Barbers Point–known today as Kalaeloa. In ancient times, this area was known as Kanehili. The entire below ground area is made up of ancient coral reef, [and] full of sinkholes, caves and underground channels that carry freshwater down to the sea.

Basically this entire area was for Hawaiian spirits to gather, and for burials. It was a place for Hawaiians to head back, in spirit form, to their ancestral homeland in the direction of the South Pacific where the first Polynesians came from to land on Oahu.

The first Hawaiians brought breadfruit trees to plant in Puuloa and this means ‘Ewa Beach is like Plymouth Rock. It could well be justified as a National Park and possible National Landmark.

John Bond ‘Ewa, HI