Our state legislators created the State Land Use Commission, Hawaii Community Development Authority, and the City Council’s Honolulu Authority for [Rapid] Transportation, appointing and/or retaining certain people to head these entities to “hide behind” so if and when anything goes wrong, these elected politicians can allege to the public that they are not directly responsible The most viable project, to benefit special interest groups, is the elevated fix rail project. Our city’s financial position is bad, and the billions it will cost will escalate over the years, bankrupting our C&C of Honolulu, before Hannemann’s and Caldwell’s original planned rail system from Kapolei to downtown Honolulu, to UH-Manoa and Waikiki is completed. The creditors will then sue the State of HI, who is also involved in this rail project. The state is also in poor financial position. They had to borrow approximately $2 billion in general obligation and construction bonds, moving one billion of it to the asset column to claim that they have a balanced budget, when any borrowing of monies are financial obligations and should have been listed in the debit side. [These are], in my opinion, unethical actions on the part of our government leaders.

The taxpayers of the State of HI and the C&C of Honolulu will see their taxes and fees increase several times from what they are now paying. As a result, many will move out of the State of Hawaii.

Wilbert Wong Kaneohe, HI