Regarding [Former Gov. Linda] Lingle’s remarks about being part of the Republican Jewish Coalition supporting Romney: Almost 80 percent of the Jewish vote went to Obama in 2008–for good reason, seeing the prejudice coming from the Republican side. Jews, like other minorities, know all the code words from their own experience with bigotry (Hollywood liberals, etc).

Of the 38 members of Congress who are Jewish, only one is a Republican, Eric Cantor. He votes–as Lingle would–for the ruthless Ryan budget and the Republican party’s anti-women, anti immigration, anti-healthcare, anti-science agenda. Add billions in cuts to Medicaid, public education, the EPA, Pell grants to minorities, plans to surrender Medicare to the private insurance companies and Social Security to the stock market…This writer, a Jewish resident of Hawaii for 17 years who now [returns] every year, is embarrassed that Lingle’s ambition and self-interest rule her politics.

Alan Samuel San Diego,California