I get the No. 93 express at 3pm at the Alapai Transit Center. It gets on the freeway at Vineyard and Palama and, like magic, I am home by 4pm. There is no way in the world that the rail will beat that. The only negative is that too many get on board in town and it is standing room only, all the way to Honokai Hale. Just two more buses per day would get a lot more people off the freeways and it would help a lot of people get to the Waianae Coast a little more “comfortably.” Yes, I know, the Department of Transportation does not have that word in their terminologies.

The rail is needed by the Big Big Buck$ profiteers, not by the people and especially not the ones that use Public Transportation. They are the ones that know, not the big shots.

Joseph Martel Waianae, HI

With obligatory transfers for distances that used to be covered by a single route, passengers are stuck with two waits, while TheBus gets no extra money, so the “financial reasons” cited are not all that accurate.

Whatever factors the “organizers” took into consideration, practicality for the passengers was not one of them.

The No. 4 bus…used to be the only connection between UH-Manoa and Waikiki. It now takes two buses with a walk in between to reach the campus… If you’re going to complain, go after those who are “responsible” for the chaos–and get them out of office.

Tom Luna Honolulu, HI