Today I received a leaflet ostensibly from Senator Inouye, but published by Pacific Resources Partnership, telling me to support Rail and Kirk Caldwell.

[F]or Rail to have any chance of success, it must link the Kalihi and Alapai Transit Centers. It won’t do that, because politicians have seized every opportunity to use the Rail project as a tool to funnel lucrative government contracts to their campaign supporters.

Every successful business person would have started the Rail project in downtown Honolulu, where ridership and costs are the greatest, and will be considerably greater five years down the road!

However, the project commenced in ‘Ewa under the belief that, after billions of dollars in taxes have been squandered with no appreciable benefit, politicians would be able to “railroad” a route over Kakaako iwi.

Senator Inouye knows that the federal government is trillions of dollars in debt, so that $1.55 billion from the Feds is not free, but future taxes that we, our children, grandchildren, ad infinitum must pay.

Inouye also knows that only a few million would actually be spent providing TEMPORARY employment to various union members.

All of which should require voters to ponder how they can trust Kirk Caldwell to make O’ahu a better place for our grandchildren to live.

Rico Leffanta Honolulu, HI