No good deed

In Honolulu Weekly’s report on my Marshall Islands documentary film Nuclear Savage [“Films to Try Our Souls,” Oct. 10], you mention the “poisoned people after 67 detonations,” and say that Hawaii is now “the first and last stop of Marshall Islanders thanks to unfettered immigration and free healthcare.” You add that my film “explains why, like it or not, our island fates are now intertwined.”

[T]he entire Marshall Islands archipelago was contaminated with fallout from U.S. nuclear tests, and hundreds of people continue to suffer dislocation from their contaminated homelands, widespread cancers, and multi-generational birth defects as a result.

These are some of the reasons for the enormous and justified debt that Marshall Islanders are trying to claim from the U.S.Your choice of words suggests misplaced and unfair blame of Marshallese immigrants, when the blame should be placed squarely on the U.S. government and military.

Adam Jonas Horowitz San Diego, CA

Editor’s response:

Mr Horowitz rightly is outraged about the treatment of the Marshallese, and has made an important documentary, as my review made clear. If he will re-read it, he will see we are in complete concurrence.

Don Wallace

I think that our State stepping up to support the Marshallese people was a gesture that is applauded in heaven…

Peter Goodgame via [HonoluluWeekly.com]