Good article [“Waste Not,” Oct. 17]. Mahalo. Recently, several Big Island residents–patients of three medical doctors and a naturopathic doctor–have tested high for uranium in urine, including levels exceeding three times the upper expected limit. The Hawaii Department of Health and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission need to conduct further investigation on this matter. [Contact] [email: gary.gill], [email: atamara.powell], your elected officials and candidates running for office.

Jim Albertini via [HonoluluWeekly.com]

“No restrictions or requirements should be placed upon the Army,”[Lt. General] Ferriter wrote. If the army cannot reassure the public that it isn’t contaminating our environment and our lungs, it will find itself to be an unwelcome guest in our Paradise of the Pacific. Such arrogance and attitude may be the expected reaction of the bully of the world. Achilles thought he was invincible, too.

Ku Ching [viaHonoluluWeekly.com]

The corrupt US military has always known how damaging DU [depleted uranium] is, but still pretends not to have received the reports it paid for from SAIC [Scientific Applications International Corporation], or from its own uranium experts. It pretends to not understand the data regarding the increase in cancers in southern Iraq. It has lied in the past about the hazards of DU fragments at live fire ranges. [There are] Davy Crockett solid uranium tailpieces all over Schofield and Pohakuloa impact areas, thousands of acres. We have had too much cancer downwind of these bases already, let the healing begin.

Brother John [viaHonoluluWeekly.com]