This article [“The Big Fix,” Oct. 17] should be mandatory reading. The Star-Advertiser has been unfair to Cayetano, I believe, due to the deep pockets of Pacific Resource Partnerships [PRP]. People need to see this kind of clear analysis of future costs that we Oahuans have in store for us even without rail.

Thank you for being there and providing an antidote to a Canadian-owned partisan newspaper and the three consolidated local TV stations [that] state his pro-rail position.

J. Pettibone Honolulu, HI

The Star-Advertiser/Hawaii News Now poll is a grisly reminder that money buys votes in Our Honolulu.

If the voting public cannot see through the shame or the stench, and this expensive mudslinging dictates who will be our next mayor . . .

If running a clean campaign means losing a race, then Hawaii is the biggest loser.

Mary (MJ) Culvyhouse Kaneohe, HI 96744