On Aug. 5, the 9th US Circuit Court [ruled]that no city is allowed to seize property, store it less than 90 days or destroy items without proper notification or due process. Using Bill 54, [Honolulu] violates this every day across the island with a population with little or no ability to reclaim items or stand up for themselves.

We are not HOMEless, we are HOUSEless. Home is where the heart is. Most houseless have a problem that anyone can fall into at any given time: no/ low paying jobs and high housing prices. Many go to school. Many work. Many are children.

Instead of funding housing and services or ways to increase jobs, a living wage, and to lower housing costs, they have used this as a way to criminalize being houseless. It puts people’s health and safety in danger by taking medication, clothing and toiletries, and all protection we have from the weather.

Let your city council member know that Bill 54 needs to be repealed. Houseless rights are human rights and they affect everyone.

Sugar Russell Thomas Square, Honolulu