I feel bad for the guy whose degree requirements changed [“Timely Grads,” Sept. 12]. On one hand, students should take a wide range of classes in the liberal arts so they become well- rounded.

On the other hand, many students and even administrations seem to think that these classes are cumbersome and unnecessary. You see this when schools pack students into giant 300-person classrooms and lecture AT them. How is that getting them to think?

Pedro Pononui via [HonoluluWeekly.com]

If UH is to be crucified for their $200,000 honest concert mistake that’s now being reckoned at an actual cost factor of six times reported costs: Let ye in the state legislature, who hath not wasted half a billion dollars of general tax revenue income, cast the first stone. $90 million lost to rail late fees ought to be worth a half billion by the same magic math used against UH. Even if not, $90 million beats $1.3 million. So where’s the outrage?!

The state legislature loses $100,000 weekly through mismanagement and general stupidity. UH is only a microcosm of the whole state. $600,000 [was] spent by the state to mop up the airport viaduct homeless (who moved back)–this one state debacle, alone, still beats one $200,000 UH screw up–in real math.

Crispin Kapolei, HI