Caldwell and Cayetano have been campaigning since January…We’ve had a primary in August and there’s been a ton of polls along the way to confirm the sameness in voter support.

[W]as there any revolutionary new information made available to us on the rail project in the past 30 days? Did Kirk Caldwell stand up in front the people and deliver a speech so compelling that so many voters would drop their convictions and get behind him? Did Ben Cayetano make some horrible public gaffe that would turn this many voters against a man who has served our state for 28 years? No.

How, then, can we explain the nearly 20 percentage point swing in the Star Advertiser’s recent poll? There is only one possible answer: the multimillion dollar smear campaign being engineered by Pacific Resource Partnership.

This election is not over and the outcome rests with people’s ability to understand that what is at stake is far greater than who will be our next mayor or councilperson.

Mike McFarlane Honolulu, HI