The tsunami evacuation on Saturday was farcical, uncalled for . . . and created chaos and inconvenience.

[W]e have a history of this cry wolf scenario and the facts, again, didn’t support all this dire need to evacuate.

And yet, these shameless newscasters, spurred on by erroneous Civil Defense data, go to the airwaves for a prolonged rant and [give] people War of the Worlds kind of scare tactics. Remember, the first alert of a tsunami came about 8pm or so. The initial earthquake was at 5pm or so. Why just two hours’ warning? Because, the initial report said no tsunami of significance was generated.

Then they figure, because some underwater wave action was detected, that they should all go to their newsrooms to create traffic jams, panic, needless stockpiling of goods (you wonder if their advertisers called them to tell them they could use more sales that night). I doubt that any area like Waikiki would see any wave height increase due to the lengthy coral reefs that make these beaches so calm, and the waves were mainly directed [towards] areas facing [north], mainly Hilo and Kahului.

There needs to be a better way. And now there’s blood on your hands as a man was killed [a driver waiting for a road to open in Haleiwa], simply following your hurried advice.

Jason Ono Honolulu, HI