Monsanto and the others that only see people as dollar signs wasted little time telling the world that Prop 37 in California was defeated. Monsanto and their cronies cashed up $47 million whereas [proponents] cashed up $9 million. Monsanto’s cronies include Pepsi Cola/Naked; Coca Cola/Odwalla/Simply Orange; Kraft/Back To Nature; Conagra/Lightlife; General Mills/Cascadian Farms/Muir Glen; Kellog/Kashi/Gardenburger; Heinz; Smucker; Knudsen/Santa Cruz Organic; Ben & Jerry’s; Dean Foods/Horizon Organic/Silk; Welch’s; French Meadow Bakery Products; Tree Top; Similac; Goya Foods.

Here’s the kicker: There are 58 counties in Cal. Four of them: Santa Clara, Orange, San Diego, and LA, have a total of 1.6 million uncounted votes. Who’s to say how many uncounted votes are in all 58 counties? Pressure is being put on the Cal. Sect’y of State to start counting all uncounted votes.

Hesh Goldstein, MSNutri Honolulu, HI