To characterize Ben Cayetano as a one-issue (rail) candidate [was] both inaccurate and shortsighted. Cayetano [was] running for mayor because he is concerned about the impact not only on public transportation but also on other vital city services and the environment. Studies have shown that rail would put a enormous dent in the city’s budget now and into the future, requiring substantial cuts in other city services or increases in property taxes and user fees, and this without any significant reduction in traffic congestion. The impact on the visual environment, so important to our tourism industry, would also be very negative, especially along the waterfront. In his campaign, Kirk Caldwell prefer[red] to deny or ignore these negative impacts.

Cayetano’s issue [was] not rail per se, it [was] what the proposed rail would do to the economic and social future of this island. It is he, not Caldwell, who has the broader view.

Ursula Retherford Kailua, HI