I asked Mayor Peter Carlisle and former Acting Mayor Kirk Caldwell to disavow and repudiate the PRP TV ads during the Primary Election. Neither did. If Mayor Peter Carlisle was good enough for PRP because he supported the Fixed Rail project & HART, it [was] disingenuous to [then] say Ben Cayetano’s non-partisan race for a non-partisan office [was] somehow going to boost Gov. Linda Lingle and Gov. Mitt Romney’s chances in Hawaii.

[Did] Kirk Caldwell, Colleen Hanabusa and Mazie Hirono want to win so badly that they [were] satisfied to remain silent on the sidewalk while PRP wasted another half a million dollars of their stakeholders’ hard earned dues? The late Walter Kupau of the Carpenters’ Union, Loyal Garner who sang at his memorial service, and Bruce Koppa, former chief of PRP must [have been] in disbelief, both from beyond and in the here and the now.

Arvid Tadao Youngquist Honolulu, HI