HART announced that it plans to buy 63 properties in 2013 for the Rail project.

Although Mufi brown-nosed on KITV for a position in Caldwell’s inner circle, should a miracle happen and DOTS Director Yoshioka be replaced by someone with actual transportation experience, [these purchases] can be avoided! For Rail to have any value, it must quickly take people where they want to go, and that narrows the route to Transit Centers. These seven stops do not require the purchase/renovation/destruction of any buildings, and will dramatically reduce traffic congestion, especially during events. Of course, these stops will not enrich property developers, PB/PRP, etc., but they will enable Rail to be up and running before our grandchildren begin to pay for it!

The only chance of that happening is for everyone to contact their City Council Member and insist construction start downtown where costs and usage are greatest. And insist upon open public restrooms at all Transit Centers.

Rico Leffanta Honolulu, HI