Newspapers should improve the quality of life by providing accurate information, without bias. It upsets me to see how the Star-Advertiser publishes lies about Cayetano, recommends who to vote for, and sometimes shows the bias of the good old boy system (Dan Inouye’s). Wonder if $$$$$ is the driving force, even though I do realize that a newspaper is a business.

For the sake of the almighty dollar, and perhaps power, [Hawaii’s] only large newspaper has knowingly advertised lies and half truths. Will they now claim freedom of speech, while counting their loot, or be truthful and refuse to print lies, [or will they] print and cash-in with a noted statement of facts to at least inform readers–or just continue [business as usual] and ignore this concern?

Renee Coester Pearl City, HI

They accused Ben Cayetano of being Republican [“Co-opting Country,” Oct. 31]. Kirk Caldwell is the real Republican. He supports Mufi Hannemann’s Envision Laie City in Malaekahana. Everybody knows Laie is Mitt Romney Country.

“I am not a PRP stooge”

via [HonoluluWeekly.com]