So, Caldwell won. Congratulations. There is nothing quite like benefitting from the defamation of your opponent and complacently riding the coattails of slander straight into “victory.” At least we can now get back to the business of ruining Honolulu and possibly bankrupting the City (oops, I mean, building rail); destroying Oahu’s farmland and creating urban sprawl (oops, I mean, “transit-oriented development”); shredding (or ignoring) Hawai’i’s environmental protections; and building taller and taller highrises downtown and on Waikiki Beach, until Honolulu is just one big ugly wall of cement. We can also look at Molokai and Lanai, and promptly cover up their undeveloped open-space with massive industrial wind-farms — all to provide power for Oahu. Poor loser, you say? Perhaps. But I am not angry. Mostly I just feel a deep sadness for Oahu and for all of Hawaii.

Adam T. Kahualaulani Mick Kailua, HI 96734-1854