“Groups suggest solutions to fix voter problems,” in USA Today (Nov. 7) made Hawaii residents wonder why there was no national coverage of Honolulu leading the nation with voter fraud, when 70 polling places ran short or ran out of paper ballots. Instead of ballot stuffing, we had ballot un-stuffing–perhaps as many as 10,000 people gave up and went home due to massive huge voting lines, with only the one electronic voting machine. Why did this happen? To ensure that former Gov. Ben Cayetano, who was against the $5.2 billion rail, lost. PRP also spent $3 million on false negative ads and is being sued by Cayetano, but this will not change the election results . Locals know it was a fixed election like in a third world country. Yes, the rich and powerful still buy elections in the USA.

Tom Sebastian Honolulu, HI