Not mentioned (“Country’s Time,” Dec. 19) are the estimated (from internet search) 450 private home hotels that are not permitted but have been allowed, by DPP inaction, and with no public notice or hearings, to build out, operate, and gradually expand to a full fleet of private hotel/vacation rental accommodations throughout the North Shore. At an average of 2 to 3 rooms per private hotel this amounts to an already established but quiet, underground operation of about as many hotel rooms as Turtle Bay proposes to add publicly. Pre-dawn traffic to the North Shore used to be a trickle compared to the town commuters, now it’s an equal stream north.

The international attractiveness of the North Shore surfing beaches, and the local relief-valve provision of country respite from city living, along with normal population growth and landowner entitlements to use their property, is creating a “perfect storm” of incompatible desires.

Boyd Ready via [HonoluluWeekly.com]