Thank you Mr. Berg, for questioning the validity of this election (“The Election. What happened?,” Nov. 28) and the results. PRP, HART, the State & City Offices involved with steering this election should all be investigated!

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If voters had signed up for absentee by mail, like everyone I know did, then they could have outsmarted the “potentially corrupt” system, and saved themselves the time and hassle. And we would have the right people in the right political offices. And you don’t even need a stamp to mail it.


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HW, can you tell how many people have filed complaints? Rumors have it that the Office of Elections did not return calls.

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I, too, have heard of people not receiving responses to their complaints from the Office of Elections, but spokesperson Rex Quidilla did call me back both times I contacted him for the Weekly (of course, a private citizen should be getting the same response).

I [relayed your question] to Quidilla, and he said that the Office of Elections had received a number of calls and emails but they had not made an effort to tally them up as of yet. For now, all he said was that it was clear to them that many people had been affected. Quidilla did say that [the complaints] would probably be part of OE’s ongoing assessment. He also said that most complaints did not require replies, but the OE had responded “where appropriate.”

In addition to complaints sent to the Office of Elections, at the last Elections Commission meeting (“Inaction,” Dec. 5) some commissioners said they had received “dozens” of complaints from people in their districts.

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Let’s not forget voter suppression at decidedly Cayetano precincts (“Ugly Results,” Nov. 28). Based on the monied interests that participated in slandering him, it is not improbable to think that these same powerful forces could’ve influenced insiders involved in the election process.

Hawaii entered a new era of dirty politics and if that is our future, we need a major overhaul. Publicly funded elections that level the playing field for all candidates and takes $$ out of the equation can only foster more honest politicians that run on principles and care for the people they were elected to serve.

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