I just don’t get it. From all points, the Omidyars appear to be culturally and globally sensitive. Why be involved with this environmental eyesore (“Omidyar Estates,” Nov. 21)? Where is their sensitivity? They have enough money. Must be the work of greedy business associates they are dealing with.

Malia Ioana via [HonoluluWeekly.com]

A rumor that Save Hanalei River Ridge [is] a small, radical group of individuals trying to limit an owner’s property rights is obviously not true. We are a community of 5,450 people who love Hanalei Bay [and have] offered compromises.

At the Hanalei-Haena Community Association meeting, we brought up solutions such as shifting the density off the tip of the ridge, collaborating with Pierre [Omidyar] on a technology center, an education center, an arboretum, a usable fishpond with an accompanying lookout on the ridge–and more ideas are coming in everyday.

The development team is not compromising or listening, so we as a community are appealing to Pierre Omidyar. We want to discuss an innovative development strategy that would help Kauai and Hawaii. Let’s take a lesson from the Dalai Lama: Let’s talk, Pierre.

“We love Hanalei” via [HonoluluWeekly.com]

Considering the opposition of this community, Mr. and Mrs. Omidyar should be given a direct opportunity to review this investment themselves. I have faith that they would have a more forward-thinking approach on the use of this area, rather than another hotel that Kauai doesn’t need.

As a person from Kauai, it’s insulting to read a statement like Ms. Swartman’s. These people are oblivious to irreplaceable value.

“Malino Malino” via [HonoluluWeekly.com]